iam in a nutshell

Identity and Access Management involves managing the university processes and technology components that identify individuals and provide the correct level of access to resources. 

Your identity at VCU

Your digital identity (e.g. your eID, VCUCard, biometrics, and security questions) is your way to digitally say "I am who I say I am" in order to access the VCU environment and beyond. 

The "I am" project involves implementing a new identity and access management system at VCU which will improve the way that identity information flows between the systems that identify you and grant you access.


‌What This Means...

...for Students, Faculty, and Staff:

Your access at VCU will still be handled largely with your VCU eID and VCUCard.  The changes we are implementing in this implementation project are designed to improve how quickly and seamlessly that access is granted to you.


...for Managers, HR Professionals, and IT Staff:

The main focus of this implementation project is to streamline the business and IT processes that are used to create and modify the people records, accounts, and access for VCU community members.  Our focus in this project is manipulating the back-end business processes and technical capabilities that manage how timely and accurately you are granted that access. 

Project Updates

Build Workflows
March 5, 2018

Build Workflows